Despite officials’ insistence that Ohio and Pennsylvania residents are safe, the Norfolk Southern ecological disaster poses an immediate threat to nearby & downwind residents.
Allowing COVID-19 to rip through our population has had devastating consequences on our workforce. US Federal Reserve and Bank of England both agree.
Testing has collapsed. Number of reported cases now unreliable metric for surging COVID
First on internet SCOOP in reporting data about the spread of this new COVID-19 super variant that went unreported by the CDC for 4 weeks.
Epidemiologist estimate >60% of China & 10% of Earth’s population likely infected over next 90 days.
The long-term pain on our future is not worth it
All the smug pundits who said kids “low risk” & “practically immune” need to be called out for child endangerment
Repeating yourself to repeat COVID infections is just about one of the dumbest things you can do to yourself... data now proves it.
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